Strength Republic is a certified CrossFit affiliate with accredited CrossFit coaches. We run a CrossFit & Strength & Conditioning program as part of our facility. Our CrossFit box is open all day every day, giving you the flexibility to complete your own W.O.D or a catch up W.O.D. if you miss the scheduled class. If you have a gym membership and a CrossFit membership, you will definitely appreciate the convenience of everything under one roof. Interested in CrossFit but never tried? We run introductory classes. We are very excited to add CrossFit to our 20 years experience in Strength and Conditioning.


WORK OUT OF THE WEEK: Jump Rope Circuit

This Jump Rope Circuit Workout includes a mix of both jumping rope and total body strength exercises for a fast-paced, whole body workout. Jumping rope is an excellent cardio exercise, but it can be tough if you haven’t done it in awhile.